Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can I donate by bank transfer?

Yes, select the desired category on the donation page (free support for all or national projects and activities). On the following page you will find our IBAN number and a payment slip.

Can I download or order a QR pay-in slip?

Yes, select the desired category on the donation page (free support for all or national projects and activities). On the next page you can download the QR payment slip. You will also find contact details to order a printed copy.

How do I get a receipt for the tax declaration?

If you donate online, you can tick the box « Yes, I would like a donation receipt for my tax declaration » on the form. No matter if you donate by QR payment slip or bank transfer, you will be sent a receipt automatically at the beginning of the following year, provided you have given us your address. 

How is Tel 143 financed?

Tel 143 is 9% self-financed, 28% from institutional contributions and 63% from private donations. Most of the institutions are foundations, companies and national churches; only a small part comes from cantons and municipalities. Although Tel 143 is a national emergency number, the organisation does not receive any federal funding.


Am I anonymous on Tel 143/Heart2Heart?

Yes, we do not see your contact details. Our volunteers also remain anonymous.

How much does it cost to call Tel 143/Heart2Heart?

The conversation is free of charge. This also applies to the English service available on 0800 143 000. Connection charges may apply depending on your telephone provider.

In which languages is the service available?

Our service is available in four languages: German, French, Italian and English. At the moment there is only a telephone helpline for English speakers.

What do you do with what I tell you?

What you tell us by phone, chat or email is confidential. All volunteers and staff are bound by a duty of confidentiality, even after their involvement with Tel 143 has ended. 

What does counselling look like at Tel 143/Heart2Heart?

Our services are provided by carefully selected and trained volunteers. They listen with empathy and offer space for your thoughts and feelings. They support you in considering your next steps without giving advice.

What is Heart2Heart?

Heart2Heart is a project of the Zurich Regional Office that aims to provide English-speaking people living in Switzerland with the same support they would receive if they called Tel 143. The English line can be reached by calling 0800 143 000 and is open from 6pm to 11pm.

Who can call Tel 143 or 0800 143 000?

We are here for everyone in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. However, our services are primarily aimed at adults. If minors contact us, they will be referred to Tel 147 – Pro Juventute. This organisation specialises in helping children and young people.


How long do volunteers usually stay at Tel 143?

Volunteers usually stay at Tel 143 for a long time – on average about eight years.

How long does the volunteer training take?

Training takes six to nine months, depending on the regional office. It includes topics on mental health, conversation skills and introduction to the technical infrastructure.

What does volunteering at Tel 143 involve?

  • Independent volunteering with professional guidance
  • Several services per month, including night shifts
  • Professional exchange, training and supervision

What qualities are expected of volunteers?

  • Empathic, respectful and open-minded 
  • Stable and resilient personality 
  • Time flexibility