How we are organised

Tel 143 is active throughout Switzerland as an umbrella association of 12 locally based regional offices.

The umbrella organisation

The umbrella association is an organisation with the central management, the strategic board of and 12 regional offices, the members of the umbrella association.

The association represents Tel 143 at national and international level.

The head office leads the implementation of the overarching and nationwide strategy and the further development of our services and supports the work of the regional offices.

Board of the association

  • Tanja Kocher, President 
  • Christine Gerritzen, Vice-President
  • Giorgio Nadig, Vice-President
  • Catherine Bezençon 
  • Sandra Hauser
  • Nicole Blum

Office: Brigitte Dostert and Susanne Tobler

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The regional offices

Our twelve regional offices are organised as associations. They are responsible for the day-to-day implementation of our services by phone, email and chat and for training and supporting volunteers. The regional office of Zurich is implementing the Heart2Heart project, which offers services in English.

Fundamentals of the federation Tel 143

The association’s mission statement, statutes, annual reports and accounts can be found under Downloads. These documents are available in German, French or Italian only.

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