52 calls in the first months of Heart2Heart

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One month ago, the first person called Heart2Heart, the new crisis support in English of Die Dargebotene Hand.

In these first weeks we had 52 calls on 0800 143 000. A common topic is difficult relationships, related to psychological suffering and loneliness. The topic of violence comes up more often than average. Among the callers, a minority are English native speakers. For those, English is the language in which they can express themselves well or most readily – in contrast to the national languages.

Directly and through various stakeholders, we try to reach English speakers in Switzerland and inform them about this new Crisis Support in English. A sign that this community is aware of Heart2Heart is shown by the fact that since the beginning of the year, a dozen people have already registered to volunteer with Heart2Heart.

It is important to us that Heart2Heart reaches out to more people. We would be grateful for anyone to raise awareness of our new English service.